30 gennaio 2011

Unremote Security » Kaspersky Antivirus Source code leak (KAV 8 – 2009)

So the rumor i post months ago on twitter was right :o , kaspersky antivirus source code were leaked :/ , i take a quick look on the source and it seems legit and to be Kaspersky 2009 Edition by the design sheets on it.

To compile it is recommended you to use Visual Studio C++ 2008 , i try with VC2010 its kinda hard.

I will not host the source in one of my web servers then i give you a torrent link :D

Have fun .
Size uncompressed : ~1Gb
Size zipped : ~300Mo

btw i recommend people to use Bitdefender instead of KAV , Bitdefender rox ;)


if for a legal issue i must delete this thread then i’m waiting for a mail with a copy of the law that saying “it is illegal to post a torrent containing the source code of a private app that wasn’t leaked by me but by an ex employee years ago :)
Here is my mail : DarkCoderSc@Unremote.org

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